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This community is not officially endorsed by BME. This is just a place for LJ and IAM users to share their experiences, pictures, questions etc.

1. Please do NOT use IAM or bmezine.com to host your pictures on your Live Journal. It takes up a lot of bandwidth on IAM, and is a BME TOS-able offense!

2. We now have a memories section, albeit a small one at the moment but it is there! So please make use of it. Also If you have a question about a piercing, aftercare, procedure or anything else, PLEASE do a search on the BME QOD, or even just BME itself, before asking here. We get a lot of the same questions asked over and over and over, so if you're a new member, feel free to read back a ways, or use this search button to find what you are looking for: (just enter a keyword and off you go!")
Get your own code!

3. One small work safe picture may be included in your post. Any further pictures should be placed behind an lj-cut tag. Also if the content of the pictures is not work safe, it needs to be labeled accordingly. NO pictures of minors below the belt. You can learn how to use lj-cut and other livejournal-specific tags here. It will be up to the desecration of the moderators to deal with the post in violation.

4. Posting EBay Auctions or listing all your jewelry for sale, is seriously frowned upon. There are communities like bodmodtrade to sell and trade in, this is not one of them, sorry. You are allowed to post to say you have jewelry for trade/sale located at bodmodtrade but please incorporate it in with a relevant post you're already going to make, not just an idle for sale post. Violation of this will be warned and/or deleted without warning.

5. Please, PLEASE, don't use txt spk and please try not 2 tak like dis, cus it jus annoying. Proper grammar and punctuation is appreciated, as well. We have over three thousand members in this community, and dodgy posts in pidgin English with huge photos that stuff up everyone's friends page will NOT be tolerated. Thank you.

6. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

7. You don't need to have an IAM page to join this community, but it is certainly recommended! If you don't have the motivation or inclination to submit experiences or photographs to obtain an IAM page, you may very well not belong here. A big part of supporting the BME community is being a member and helping out, don't you agree?

Sorry but these are the rules, so pay attention to the rules and your post won't get deleted.

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